• Alibaba Symposium

    Alibaba Symposium Cangzhou district meeting was held in Yihe International Building....

    2017-03-27 daisy 10

  • Saying to the customer

    The factory finished the pipe fittings of the Russian customer....

    2017-03-23 daisy 5

  • Saying to the customer

    Canadian customers booked a large number of pipe fittings to our factory....

    2017-03-22 daisy 0

  • Welcome to visit

    A large number of steel pipes have been completed....

    2017-03-13 daisy 3

  • Technology Exchange

    Today Alibaba(China) Technology Co., Ltd. held a technical discussion on Alibaba's network operation....

    2017-03-11 daisy 3

  • Saying to the customer

    Russian customer's goods have been manufactured and packaged....

    2017-03-07 daisy 3

  • Saying to the customer

    Receive advance payment from Vietnamese customers. We have already delivered the catalog to the factory....

    2017-03-06 daisy 2

  • Saying to the customer

    Although our Singapore friend’s order, SMLS pipe A53 GR.B, is very large, this batch of steel pipe was still completed on time....

    2017-03-01 daisy 5

  • Steel market forecast

    At present, steel spot market prices rise. And it mainly pushes by the futures market and billet prices have risen sharply, couple...

    2017-02-27 daisy 6

  • Welcome to visit

    Iranian friends came to China to visit our factory...

    2017-02-27 daisy 4



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