• Saying to the customer

    The pipe fittings of dear Matthew were packed....

    2017-02-20 daisy 1

  • Saying to the customer

    We have finished producing 300 tons of steel ordered from Irish customers....

    2017-02-20 daisy 2

  • Dye Check

    Our company carries out the detection technology innovation, and through the continuous improvement of technical requirements to p...

    2017-02-17 daisy 0

  • Welcome to visit

    Canadian friends came to China to visit our factory....

    2017-02-17 daisy 9

  • Got ISO Certificate

    International Standard Organization has done a full audit and our company has recently been awarded the ISO ensuring the complianc...

    2017-02-17 daisy 4

  • Job Offers

    Our Cangzhou Chengming Internation Trade Co.,Ltd provides some positions in good faith. If you are interested and meet the needs, ...

    2017-02-16 daisy 4

  • Chinese steel market

    With the weakening of the intensity of real estate construction in the second half of the domestic steel prices and iron ore price...

    2017-02-16 daisy 4

  • Elbow on sale

    Our company promotes different types of products at different times....

    2017-02-16 daisy 0

  • Saying to the customer

    To pay tribute to an old friend Nipin, your carbon steel pipe and fittings are now on their way to Kuwait....

    2017-02-15 daisy 3

  • Saying to the customer

    Since signing the contract with our Singapore customers, we have arranged the production schedule for the factory immediately...

    2017-02-15 daisy 3



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