• Product advantages

    We have a price advantage on Seamless steel pipes and fittings especially which materials are A234WPB, A105, A53, A106, API5L and ...

    2017-07-05 daisy 33

  • Saying to the israel customer

    Receive balanced payment from israel customers today. We have completed all steel pipe production and packaging. An...

    2017-05-03 Iris 5

  • Saying to the kuwait customer

    Receive advance payment from kuwait customers today. We have already delivered the production scheduling of single ...

    2017-05-02 Iris 12

  • The Labour Day

    In the furtuer three day (Apr 29th,Apr30th,May 1st),our country will have a holiday.On May 1st every year is labour day,also named...

    2017-04-27 Iris 8

  • Loading Notice

    Today,the goods of seamless steel fittings(contract no.:CCIT21 AND CCIT22) for Canadian customer have been completed and loading o...

    2017-04-25 Iris 11

  • Catalog Upgrade

    Our company's catalog upgrade is complete...

    2017-03-31 daisy 13

  • Steel market forecast

    Into late March, due to poor demand downstream, the domestic steel market decline accelerated, steel mills are no longer blindly p...

    2017-03-29 daisy 12

  • Alibaba Symposium

    Alibaba Symposium Cangzhou district meeting was held in Yihe International Building....

    2017-03-27 daisy 10

  • Saying to the customer

    The factory finished the pipe fittings of the Russian customer....

    2017-03-23 daisy 5

  • Saying to the customer

    Canadian customers booked a large number of pipe fittings to our factory....

    2017-03-22 daisy 0



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